Our neighborhood in Angeles City
Hotel Swiss Chalet

Hotel Swiss Chalet neighborhood - where to go and where to find ...

Casino Filipino Angeles
SM City Clark
Saver's Mall
Banks and ATM machines
Dau Bus Terminal
Clark International Airport
Fields Avenue by night

Coming from our Hotel Swiss Chalet - by Hotel van or car or taking a Tricycle - along Mac Arthur Hiway

Mac Arthur Hiway - Angeles City

Mac Arthur Hiway - Angeles City

Picture above shows Mac Arthur Hiway at Casino Filipino toward center of Angeles. A high traffic Hiway with lots of buses, Jeepneys, Trikes and other cars contributing to traffic jam ... WE at Hotel Swiss Chalet are just outside the high traffic zone with free access toward all directions except toward the center of Angeles - always some high traffic in day time.

Casino Filipino Angeles

Toward the center of Angeles City ... after about 500 meters you first see on your right side the Casino Filipino

Casino Filipino Angeles
Casino Filipino Angeles City

Casino Filipino Angeles

Shopping in Angeles - SM City Clark

A huge shopping mall offering branded artikels in fashion or electronics as well as a supermarket with goods from east and west is in walking distance from the Swiss Chalet. It also contains ATM machine, games or fastfood outlets and a cinema with several halls.

SM Clark


Saver's Mall

Of course there are thousands of small shops, and even more street vendors for all kinds of goods and gadgets. For the more demanding shopping, technical goods, computers or computer accessories, household appliances and more ... there are a few larger malls. In the center of Angeles we have Nepo Mall and Nepo Mart - but much closer and well assorted with a high quality low price selection of excellent goods for daily special needs we have approximately 1 km from Swiss Chalet toward the center of Angeles - again on Mac Arthur Hiway - a few hundred meters after Casino Filipino on the right side the Saver's Mall.

Savers Mall

What to find at Saver's Mall ? A large variety of quality goods - such as a well assorted computer store with a large variety of computer accessories or large cellphone shop with all cellphone casings and cellphone accessories ... and of course household goods and household appliances.

Bazar at Saver's Mall

Bazar and shops at Saver's Mall

Banks and ATM machines

One of the best banks to get cash at ATM machines - usually either PHP 10'000 or PHP 20'000 per withdrawal depending on branch and Hardware / Software of machine is the Bank of the Philippine Islands - short BPI ... all over the Philippine that is one of the best choices. all other ATM's usually have a withdrawal limit of PHP 4000.- per withdrawal.

What cards are accepted to withdraw from ATM machines at ATM machines of the BPI ?

BPI ATM - accepted credit cards and ATM cards

Bank of the Philippine Islands - accepted credit cards and ATM cards

If you have VISA only - then you have to find another bank / ATM and most likely your withdrawal limit per withdrawal will be PHP 4000.- unless you have a passport and request your money at a bank counter of a VISA card processing bank.

An ATM machine for MasterCard and VISA card is directly outside Voodo Bar on Fields Avenue about 100 meter from Swiss Chalet - of course this ATM has a withdrawal limmit of PHP 4000.- only.

VISA and Mastercard - ATM machine next Voodoo bar Fields Avenue

ATM machine for VISA and MasterCard outside Voodoo Bar - next to Hotel Swiss Chalet

Another ATM can be found at the wall of Jollibee Restaurant between Fields Ave around Camelot Bar and Clark Maingate.

VISA and Mastercard - ATM machine next Voodoo bar Fields Avenue

If you're further up Fields Avenue and need some money, drop by at the ABC Hotel.

ATM machine Fields Avenue, ABC Hotel

Where is the nearest Bank of the Philippine Islands ?

Related to the location of our Hotel Swiss Chalet - we have two options - one BPI office with 2 ATM machines is located about 200 meter before Dau Bus Terminal and the nearest one is located about 1 km on Mac Arthur Hiway just a few hundred meters after Saver's Mall on the left side of Mac Arthur Hiway.

Bank of the Philippine Islands - Mac Arthur Hiway - Angeles City

Bank of the Philippine Islands - Mac Arthur Hiway - Angeles City

Dau Bus Terminal

Dau Bus Terminal has a long official name "Mabalacat Bus Terminal" - all Trike (Tricycle) drivers know however the short name *Dau Bus Terminal*

Dau Bus Terminal

Dau Bus Terminal is the largest Bus Terminal in the Philippines i know so far. Dau Bus Terminal is a turning point for busses toward all major destinations north bound - such as Baguio City and northern Luzon provinces or cities such as La Union Province - San Fernando La Union, Abbra, Vigan, Tarlac, Dagupan and many other destinations. Of course all the buses coming from north make a stop over here south bound toward various Manila destinations such as Cubao, Avenida, ... ask the bus driver which final destination is best for your Manila trip or tell him to drop you at the best place to catch a taxi or other bus to continue your onward trip if needed.

Dau Bus Terminal

Busses come and go every few minutes to all major north bound and south bound destinations.

Clark International Airport

Clark airport angeles city

Since 1996 the former US airforce base started its first civil international flights.

In earlier years Clark Airfield - Clark Airport was one of the most important US military airports in Asia with the 2nd longest runway in Asia. As a US Space Shuttle alternate landing airport, Clark airport certainly a high-end high-tech airport of first choice - yet almost unused for flights until these months. In recent months however more and more International air carriers start to use Clark International airport as a direct destination from various countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, USA and soon to come Thailand as well.

Worldwide known as Clark airport or Clark airfield - the official name however is: "Diosdado Macapagal International Airport"

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

6 km from Hotel Swiss Chalet to Clark International Airport

Route to Clark international airport angeles city

Low traffic on the road - by car from Swiss Chalet to Clark Airport the last 5 km are mostly along green fields.

Clark airport Angeles City

Low airport traffic as well - all quiet - friendly and fast for check-in and check-out of airport.

Open air Air Force museum at Clark airbase

About 1 km before reaching the Clark International Airport terminal-building, you pass by the Air Force open air museum displaying a few historic aircrafts.

Airforce open air museum for kids and adults

Once used for war - now an open air museum and playground for children - Airforce Aircrafts

It's evening - now what ... Nightlife next to Hotel Swiss Chalet

Since you have been at BPI's ATM to refill your pocket money - may be you love to see and feel some of the exciting colorful nightlife here ...

Dancing bar with table dancing, restaurants, bars and pubs, shopping by night from street vendors, small food stalls and BBQ places along the road and much more. All any other world city has to offer - but here a little more smiling and more colorful and much cheaper as well than most other places in the world.

Have fun and enjoy tropical exotic, smiling beauty of Angeles City

Fields Avenue - Balibago

Fields Avenue is just a 2 minute footwalk away from Hotel Swiss Chalet. Most places are open until 3 AM or 4 AM - a few near by places are open 24/7 i.e. all night to eat, have a drink or meet and socialize.

Dancing girls

Philippinas and Philippinos love music, singing in videoke bars, dancing and having fun.

After all the fun - may be you planned some business trips or sightseeing tours ...

Omni airport for air taxi fly and relax with Swiss pilot

If you are short on time or love to save travel time to have more time left to enjoy life ... just 1 km from our Hotel Swiss Chalet you find the Omni Airport - used for Fly and Relax air taxi and many other small private air crafts. As you just a few hundred meters from our Hotel green nature starts - enjoy and have more fun.