History of Swiss Chalet

Hans Hofmann und Wally Haller
Hans Hofmann and Wally Haller

Black Jack Restaurant
The original Black Jack Restaurant

Black Jack Restaurant
The Swiss Chalet

Black Jack Restaurant
Current Management: Beat, Hans and Herbert

Late 80s:

Swiss Hans Hofmann and Wally Haller fall in love with the Philippines and it's people after spending several vacations here and decide to stay.

December 1992:

Hans und Wally open the Black Jack Bar and Restaurant in Real Street which quickly becomes a Dining Hotspot in the area.

December 1994:

'Little Black Jack' opens.


Wally leaves Black Jack to work as a Hotel Manager.

A few years later he returns back to Switzerland.

February 2004:

The big move into the early Swiss Chalet with 12 rooms.

It was the left part of the Chalet as we know it today.

October 2005:

Chalet extension to 25 rooms as we know it today.

November 2007:

Austrian Chef Herbert Resl is hired and takes over the kitchen.

October 2013:

Swiss national Beat List joins the Chalet team.

January 2015:

Hans decides to take it easier with his 66 years and plans to take more vacations.

A new company is formed where Beat List is main owner and takes overa big part of the management.